May 24, 2024

The Wheatsheaf Hotel – Coppull

The Wheatsheaf Coppull

The Wheatsheaf Coppull

The Wheatsheaf Hotel – Coppull
(Currently closed to the public)

The Wheatsheaf is not famous for being a haunted location. However, many of the staff that have worked and lived there have experienced strange happenings.

The place certainly has a strange feeling if you happen to be there on your own (especially at night). The feeling of being watched or catching a glimpse of a figure out of the corner of your eye is not uncommon.

Recently the pub closed due to the brewery hiking up the rent costs.

I have no information relating to who, what or why the Wheatsheaf maybe being haunted so this is a little bit of an experiment entry to see if any of the locals can shed any light or offer any explanations.

The Wheatsheaf has been around for many years so it maybe these guys in the picture below simply visiting for a few scoops!

Old Photo of The Wheatsheaf

Old Photo of The Wheatsheaf

Have you experienced anything strange at the Wheatsheaf? Please leave your comments using the form below. I would also be interested in any information such as when the building was built etc…

  • Timbo

    yeah i use to live upstaris, i have seen doors slam shut and heard very loud bangs whilst no one else has been around i also worked in the pub it self and i have seen shadows dashing through the cellar.

  • Matt

    I stayed upstairs once and saw a figure of a well dressed man in a black suit
    I couldn’t make out any facial features.
    That is one of a couple of sightings of this humanoid figure.
    They were all upstairs