June 14, 2024

Face In Car Window

Face In Car Window

Face In The Car Window Ghost Photo. Submited 3rd Jan 2012. The was an image recently uploaded to Facebook. At the time no body new about the face in the back window until comments started rolling in. What do you think it could be? I can actually make out 2 faces. … [Read more...]

The Wheatsheaf Hotel – Coppull

The Wheatsheaf Coppull

The Wheatsheaf Hotel - Coppull (Currently closed to the public) The Wheatsheaf is not famous for being a haunted location. However, many of the staff that have worked and lived there have experienced strange happenings. The place certainly has a strange feeling if you happen to be there on your own (especially at night). The feeling of being watched or catching a glimpse of a figure out of … [Read more...]

The Wem Ghost Photo – Fake

Wem Ghost Photo

The Wem Ghost Photo or Fire Girl Ghost Photo is one of histories most famous ghost photo's an has now been proven to be fake. Here's the original Wem Ghost Photo and the story behind it. Wem Town Hall in England caught on fire in November 1995. The fire raged through the night and as firemen battled the flames, a local decided to snap some pictures. In one of his photos there appears to … [Read more...]

Freddy Jackson Ghost Photo


The Freddy Jackson ghost photo has to be one of my favourite ghost photo's of all time. Here's the photo. The photo was taken in 1919 but only first published in 1975. The photo of Goddard's squadron which served in World War I. When it was developed there appeared an additional ghostly figure on the top row 4th from the left. Members of the squadron instantly recognised the figure as … [Read more...]

Railway Crossing Ghost

Railway Crossing Ghost Photo

The Railway Crossing Ghost San Antonio, Texas. Photograph by Andy and Debi Chesney on a trip to visit the haunted area surrounded by ghostly tales which include an accident where many school aged children were killed. The photo appears to show a figure of a young girl holding a teddy or a dog sat beside her. What do you think? Can this be explained in some other way? Please leave your … [Read more...]

The Ship & Royal Inn – Lytham St Annes


The Ship & Royal Inn Haunted Pub In Lytham St Annes. The Ship & Royal was once a hotel and is now a public house. In 1978 the Blackpool Gazette featured a story of a ghost nicknamed "Charlie" but implies that the ghost is that of a local who liked to spend time at the inn called "John Talbot Clifton" who died in Tenerife 1928. This spectre has been know to show himself on the second … [Read more...]

The Brown Lady

Ghost Photos - The Brown Lady

The brown lady is one of the most famous ghost photos ever taken. The ghost is thought to be Lady Dorothy Townshend wife of Charles Townshend (2nd Viscount of Raynham) The photo was taken by Captain Provand and Indre Shira in 1936. The photographers who were sent to photograph Raynham Hall for Country Life magazine. This is what happened, according to Shira: "Captain Provand took one … [Read more...]

Chingle Hall


Chingle Hall is reportedly Britain's most haunted house and is also Britain's oldest inhabited "Brick" house. I actually grew up very close to Chingle Hall and the place was surrounded with spooky childhood tales, so it made perfect sense to start my quest to catalog all of the UK's most haunted locations right here. If you have any information or tales relating to Chingle Hall please add them … [Read more...]