June 14, 2024

The Wem Ghost Photo – Fake

The Wem Ghost Photo or Fire Girl Ghost Photo is one of histories most famous ghost photo’s an has now been proven to be fake.

Here’s the original Wem Ghost Photo and the story behind it.

Wem Ghost Photo

The Wem Ghost Photo

Wem Town Hall in England caught on fire in November 1995. The fire raged through the night and as firemen battled the flames, a local decided to snap some pictures. In one of his photos there appears to be the clear image of a girl standing in front of the fire.

No one remembered a young girl being at the scene and there was definitely not a young girl in the building. Some believe this is the ghost of a girl called Jane Churm who accidentally started a fire that destroyed many homes in the town in 1667. Jane also died in the fire.

However, a local named Brian Lear discovered a post card which bears a striking resemblance to the girl in the photo. Here’s the post card.

Wem Ghost Photo Post Card

Wem Ghost Photo Post Card

At first glance you might think that is simply another girl wearing similar clothes. So I took both images placed them on top of each other and faded through one image to the other. Take a look at the video below. To me this is proof that the girl is in fact the same person and that the Wem ghost photo can now (unfortunately) we labelled a fake. But what do you think. Leave your comments below.

Wem Ghost Video

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  • uptodate

    This story is almost 2 years old , why write about it now ?

    • Thatguy

      Why comment now, this reply is 9 years old?

  • Richard Burnham

    That’s a neat demonstration, well done. I had taken it to be just smoke and debris.
    And, 5 years after the last comment, I’ll answer it: because it remains of interest.