June 14, 2024

Face In Car Window

Face In The Car Window Ghost Photo. Submited 3rd Jan 2012.

The was an image recently uploaded to Facebook. At the time no body new about the face in the back window until comments started rolling in.

Face In Car Window

Face In Car Window

What do you think it could be? I can actually make out 2 faces.

  • http://www.ghost-sightings.com/ Ghost Sightings

    Until I see large res orginal I’m gonna put this one down to a little photo shop trickery!

  • keshawn

    I don’t relly think its real it could be tape butt its hard to question but if its real it was caught bright as day

  • Anon

    That is so fake. Somebody just pressed a mask across the window

  • ashutosh

    I think it is fake as it could had been done with adobe photoshop